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In this Video Feature, we find out just why we do this and why we love it

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Why We Do This...

Members of Bellevue East MN - from the Youth in Music Championships

Members of Eden Prairie MN - from the Youth in Music Championships

Jennifer P, Taylor H, Chelsey W and Jenna M from GreenDale WI

Tutiana M and Justin A from Riverside (Milw) WI

Layla M from GreenDale WI

Jeremy -Stuckie- M from Mukwonago WI

Aimee T and Adam P from SaukPrairie WI

Chris C and Dee O from Columbus WI

Channice P from Riverside (Milw) WI

Anthony R and Rick S from Berlin WI

Glenn Hayes - Director of Bands at UW Whitewater

Ali S from Waukesha (WI) West

Jamie H, Hillary C, Kasey K and Paience C of Lancaster WI

Tessa M and Abby D of Greendale WI

Rebecca S and Emily Y of Eisenhower (New Berlin) WI

Emily G of West Depere (WI)

Tasha P and Beth S of Cumberland (WI)

Shelita B of Riverside (Milw) WI

Kate K of Eisenhower (New Berlin) WI

Katie J and Alicia from Mukwonago WI

Mike F of Waukesha (WI) West

Caitlin L and Jennifer P of Greendale WI

Katelynn M, Morgan H, Lauren M, Kaitlin S, and Even B of Chi-Hi (Chippewa Falls) WI

Lauren H of Fort Atkinson WI

Mariah D, Courtney C and Cheryl V of West DePere WI

Jamal W of Riverside (Milw) WI

Kyle H and Christina S of West DePere WI

Rick C and Ben F of Waukesha (WI) West
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