Your house is an area where you build your life and make memories. That is why it is terrifying to think about your house ever suffering from a disaster, like fire.

While you cannot control everything, there are several ways that you can take to help lower the risk of having to call Nashville smoke and fire damage Restoration Company.

Here are some of them:

Keep Fire Extinguishers Around

Whenever a fire breaks out, fire extinguishers are your best defense weapon. You have to ensure you’ve got one in each room that’s a possible threat. This includes your kitchen.

Each member of the family should know how to utilize a fire extinguisher. So, you can put out the fire as quick as possible if it does happen.

Be Careful with Candles

Everybody loves scented candles. This is particularly true around the holidays. However, they can cause a fire if you do not carefully utilize them. You have to ensure you put them out before you exit a room. You should also keep them away from flammable items, such as blankets.

You should get up and blow out the candle if you feel like you’re falling asleep. Since it is too easy for them to tip over, you should not put them on an uneven surface, such as carpet. Make sure you place candles out of your pet’s reach if you’ve got pets.

Store Properly Flammable Items

Common cosmetic items and household cleaners such as shaving cream and hairspray can be dangerous. They can combust if they’re exposed to a large heat source. You have to safely store them in a cool area and keep them away from space heaters.

Keep All Cords

You have to ensure that the cord has not been chewed or frayed before you plug in something. You’ve got to replace them as soon as possible if you do notice damaged wires. The reason for this is that these wires are a major fire threat.

In addition to that, you should examine the placement of your cord. Cords typically get hot. Thus, you want to place them between your furniture and wall or under a rug.

Always Examine Your Dryer

Your dryer has to be checked on a yearly basis, depending on what kind of dryer you’ve got. Whenever we are doing our chores, we all get in a hurry. However, every time you put in a new batch of laundry, you should always remember to clean out the lint trap.

Also, you have to examine behind the unit to ensure little clothing items, such as socks, or lint did not manage to get back there.

Don’t Leave Your Kitchen

For a fire to break out, it will only take several seconds. That’s why you shouldn’t leave the kitchen while you are cooking. Turn off any appliances that you are using if you’ve got to leave the kitchen for any reason.

You can also call a family member into the kitchen to watch the food if you really have to leave the kitchen, but can’t turn off the oven.