For centuries, various elements of Asian style have influenced Western decor. Nowadays we are used to Asian influences that we can’t even imagine where they came from. For instance, the ball and claw foot were originally inspired by the Chinese design.

Asian inspired furniture gets it design and style on Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese traditions among others. The Asian style which is related to the Far East is not limited to any one country or culture and spans centuries. 

     Carved surfaces and bold color as well as any ornamentation with soothing neutral tones, Asian furniture can be highly ornamented. You can choose from various elements when you create your own Asian-inspired interior.  Well, to help you, here are some tips on how to furnish in an Asian style. 

     Asian Inspired Colors 

     In an Asian inspired style, black and red are two colors that springs when furnishing. In Chinese inspired interiors, these colors are usually found. According to Chinese traditions, the color red is supposed to bring good luck and happiness. 

     It is a good idea to emphasize the color red in your home; you can start with the most notable structure in your house, your roof. If you are planning to install or replace your roof, it is essential that it must be properly installed by the best roofing company. You can also emphasize your desire for the right color of your roof and they will surely get the job done. 

    Well, if red is not your color, you can opt for color black to anchor your room. Because most colors will be in shade of gray, tan, green or close to being neutral, it will lean towards a Japanese style. For accent, use brighter and richer colors. You can use gold and silver to achieve a beautifully designed hardware. 

     Material and Texture 

     In Asian style furniture, texture plays an integral part. Since wood is either polished to perfection, lacquered or painted, surfaces can be smooth and shiny. Using materials such as bamboo, paper, silver, or gold leaf, you can increase the surface interest. 

     Asian Inspired Accents 

     Accents are the easiest way to make changes or bolster any style. To transition into a style or check out if you can live, it is the easiest and simplest way. In a room, pillows play an important role and also add much to the overall look of the room. 

     Asian Accents for the Wall 

     For its beauty, Asian calligraphy is known and recognized.  You can find many wall hangings and prints that represent this form of art. It is necessary that you explore the possibility in your walls when you are looking to layer a look.  

     Asian Inspired Multifunctional Furniture 

    A big component of Asian style is multifunctional furniture.  For sitting and as beds, you can use futons. To divide areas and provide privacy, you can add screens. While providing a surface that can act as a small table as well as serving as nightstands and receptacles for personal effects, you can integrate small chests.